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Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 11:22pm : General : Gaming

This past weekend Rewind.CoD competed in the CWL Paris Open at ESWC. The team, consisting of Frenzy, HayJay, Sted and BCoryy, faced the daunting task of placing in the top 4 of 62 team open bracket which would have seen them make it through to bracket play, and a chance at facing the top professional teams from around the world.


In the first round of the Open Bracket we came up against the French team, 'Indiana Esport', whose line-up consisted of former Vitality player Wailers, Zayrox (ex-Supremacy), DZT and Slyzh. Unfortunately, they were too strong and after losing the hardpoint 250-194, and the Search and Destroy 6-3, we were demoted to the Losers Bracket.


Due to the number of teams int he bracket we were automatically placed into losers round 2, where we would face off against 'The Imperial', a team of that included former CWL professional player Shane (ex-LDLC), Braaain (ex-HyperGames), EndurAAA and SamB. This fixture prroved to be too tough and we lost 2-0 in the series, therefore knocking us out of the tournament.


Overall we placed top 60 in the Open Bracket, which is not where we would have liked to have ended up but we can take many positives from the team's displays based on the competition they faced off against.


Team Captain Calum 'Frenzy' Walker had this to say regarding the teams performace at the event "We were very disappointed, however looking at the teams in the Open Bracket we can't be too disappointed. The venue for ESWC was fantastic. Something i've never seen before for an eSports event. The mainstage was the best i've personally ever seen. Despite the Open Bracket being all BO3s, the event ran smoothly and was well put together, in my opinion. I would also like to give the whole management team behind Rewind a massive thank you for sending us to the event and still supporting and sticking by us, in particular, David, Ash and Kieran.".



Ashley Brown

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