Rewind Announce New H1Z1 Team!

Tue 18th Jul 2017 - 8:16pm : General : Gaming

It has been a long time coming but we are finally happy to announce our new H1Z1 Competitive Roster, consisting of Txmmy, Eskii, Heated, Johnenvy and CrizzzpY. You can find more details about the team below;


Name: Tom Ryder

Alias Txmmy

Nationality: English

Age: 22

Social Media: and 


Name: Søren Meyer

Alias: Heated


Age: 27


Name: Anton Bauer

Alias: CrizzpY

Nationality: Danish

Age: 18

Social Media: and 


Name: John Hammar

Alias: Johnenvy

Nationality: Swedish

Age: 23

Social Media: and 


Name: Anton Andersson

Alias: Eskil

Nationality: Swedish

Age: 24

Social Media: 


The squad will be looking to build their reputation in the EU scene by winning as many scrim games as possible so that they can participate in the RevengeEU Invitational Server, a 5s server reserved for the top EU H1Z1 teams. The team will also be looking into entering every online tournament available, which they are hoping will allow them access to the invitational LAN Events that are currently being held.


Rewind eSports CEO, Ashley Brown, had this to say about the announcement: "We are very excited to be able to finally announce this team! We have really high hopes for them and are looking forward to seeing how much of a name they can make for themselves in the EU scene".


"As always I'd like to thank Ash and David for giving myself and the team a chance to compete under the organisation once again, it's always a pleasure and I feel at home when playing for Rewind. As for the team this is the first team since I've ever been competing in H1 that I feel that we are all mature and can discuss anything with, whether that be about issues, in game problems or even things outside of the game that are effecting us, not only that but it's also the most talented and probably experienced too. We hope on doing well under this organisation as a team and hopefully progress as one." - Tom 'Txmmy' Ryder


As always, we hope you give them a warm welcome and wish the team all the best during their time under Rewind.



Ashley Brown

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